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We offer our members safe access to a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. .

CannaLUMA provides safe access to the finest quality, locally grown, clean and natural medicine cultivated by professional and highly experienced organic farmers. All medicine available at CannaLUMA is required to meet our strict standard of excellence and is backed by CannaLUMA’s quality guarantee.

CannaLUMA Health & Wellness is a Not-For-Profit cooperative and collectively operated alternative wellness center established by patients, for patients. .

Becoming a member Join our community! to CannaLUMA Health & Wellness requires the following:

  • A valid CA State issued picture ID or Drivers License;
  • A scan of your valid Doctor’s Authorization or Recommendation.
  • In person verification of valid original documents

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To ensure your privacy, our caregivers deliver all medicines in a discreet and professional manner.

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